Economics Papers

Do Energy Efficiency Investments Deliver at the Right Time? (with Lucas W. Davis). Revisions requested, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics.
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Drilling Like There's No Tomorrow: Bankruptcy, Insurance, and Environmental Risk. 
Accepted, American Economic Review.  
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Work in Progress

Moral Hazard, Wildfires, and the Economic Incidence of Natural Disasters (with Patrick Baylis). 

Environmental Science Papers

Grimm, D., I. Barkhorn, D. Festa, K. Bonzon, J. Boomhower, V. Hovland, and J. Blau. 2012. Assessing catch shares’ effects: Evidence from federal United States and associated British Columbian fisheries. Marine Policy 36(3).

Boomhower, J., M. Romero, J. Posada, S. Kobara, and W. Heyman. 2010. Prediction and verification of possible reef-fish spawning aggregation sites in Los Roques Archipelago National Park, Venezuela. Journal of Fish Biology.

Festa, D., D. Regas, and J. Boomhower. 2008. Sharing the catch, conserving the fish. Issues in Science and Technology 24(2).

Gracey, A., M. Chaney, J. Boomhower, W.  Tyburczy, K. Connor, and G. Somero. 2008. Rhythms of gene expression in a fluctuating intertidal environment. Current Biology.

G. Arturo Sánchez-Azofeifa, A. Pfaff, J. Robalino, and J. Boomhower.  2007. Costa Rica’s payment for environmental services program: Intention, implementation, and impact. Conservation Biology.